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The company was established in 2007, in the municipality of Drama, in Northern Greece. Over the past 12 years, the company transformed into a modern, state-of-the-art marble company. Its main facilities, include Management offices, Production and Logistics Departments, covering a total area of 24.000 sq.m.. The company is proudly employing a staff of more than 90 persons at various levels.

In 2018, the company joined Stone Group International, one of the largest group of companies in quarrying, processing and trading marble in Europe. Nowadays, Stone Group International holds 70% of Karmar through Marmor SG SA.

Its 3 privately-owned quarries, where Volakas Haemus, Elba Blue, Volakas Electron, Venus Vox, Mistral and Ostria marbles are extracted, are located in the world-renowned marbles bearing areas of Volakas and Ochiro, near the Granitis area in Drama, Northern Greece.

The company has high-end building projects portfolio worldwide, in countries such as USA, Australia, Malaysia, Korea, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and many more.

As part of its 2018 investment plan, the company invested more than 1,000,000€  in mechanical equipment, enabling itself to meet the steadily rising demand for its products.


The history of Stone Group International spans nearly four decades of excellent track record and trusted partnerships with clients from all continents.

Today, Stone Group International constitutes a vertically integrated group of companies, active in quarrying, processing and trading marble all over the world with a dynamic presence in more than 80 countries.
Its international operations are supported by 5 factories with cutting-edge mechanical equipment in Thessaloniki, Drama, Veria and Kavala, as well as 9 privately owned quarries. In addition, the Group enjoys special and exclusive distribution agreements with a great selection of quarries.

The Group’s widely shared vision is to become a globally trusted and innovative organization, driven by its people’s passion and dedication to excellence.

The Group employs a staff of 650 persons at various levels, while its premises covers a total area of 230.000 sq.m. Production processing in all plants is performed by using the most modern methods, specialised facilities and technical staff.





At Karmar, marble’s care constitutes our key concern.

Our company’s facilities cover a total area of 24,000 sq.m, hosting our Management and Personnel offices, Production and Warehouses.

In our headquarters, located in 4th km. Drama-Kavala, operate two key production departments:

  • Block cutting and slab production line
  • Floor & tiles’ production and line

In our recently renovated facilities, we are currently creating a new marble exhibition area, as well as customer and guest reception area.

Mechanical Equipment

We aim to be in a position to provide a quick response to our customers’ needs as well as a high quality of service. For this reason, our mechanical equipment includes a complete slab production line, as well as a tiles’ production line, based as always on the needs of our worldwide network of customers and partners.

The mechanical equipment owned by our group comprises state-of-the-art machinery that guarantees a broad range of raw material processing capabilities as well as a diverse portfolio of high-quality end products.

Career Opportunities

The mission of Human Resources in KarMar Quarries SA is to create business value through our most valuable resource, PEOPLE.  We know that exciting things happen when people have the power to work to their full capabilities.
At KarMar Quarries SA we strongly believe that all people contribute to their highest potential when they are satisfied, well trained, highly motivated, and loyal.
If you are interested in joining our Team, please fill out your application in our available positions or send us your CV in the corresponding field.